About Us

Since 1986, the year Spike Lee burst onto the scene, the major Hollywood studios and their affiliates have released over 200 black films. We define a black film as a feature-length motion picture released theatrically in the US with either (i) an African American director or lead character and (iii) subject matter that is clearly aimed at attracting a large segment of the African American moviegoing audience (but not always at the exclusion of other segments of the overall moviegoing audience). While this explosion have launched the successful careers of a number of leading African American filmmakers and performers, the number of black films have experienced a marked declined over the last 10 years. Economic factors have caused most of the few leading African American directors and performers to work almost exclusively on mainstream projects aimed at more crossover audiences.

With a total population of close to 40 million, an annual aggregate income closing in on $1 trillion and a general mistrust of how they are portrayed in mass media, we believe African American consumers are seriously underserved and that an unprecedented opportunity exists to build a strong and enduring black film industry.

Our mission is to compile relevant secondary research data, apply critical analysis and provide an informed opinion on how such an industry may be brought about. Our content is aimed at producers, industry executives, investors, bankers, attorneys, CPAs, media organizations, corporate advertisers and anyone with a vested interest in seeing such an industry thrive.