FILM FINANCE 101: Raising Money for Your Independent Film

Learn how to raise money for your independent film.

This hands-on, intensive 5-hour workshop is your best preparation for attracting professional investors and tapping the various other sources of film financing.  Get answers to all the questions you ever had about raising money for independent film.  Unlike other film financing seminars, our instructor has a strong financial background and will make sure you leave with vital information to compete effectively for scarce funding in an increasingly cutthroat environment.  Raising financing is the most important part of launching your independent film project, yet so many filmmakers are unprepared for this process.  We can change that. Our goal is to provide you a framework for creating a well-researched and well-thought out package for investors that is compelling from THEIR perspective.

We’ll walk you through such key areas as:

  1. Identifying the various sources of film financing;
  2. how tax incentives (or soft money) work and where to find them;
  3. navigating complex federal and state securities laws;
  4. the Private Placement Memorandum;
  5. the Sources and Use Schedule;
  6. estimating Revenue Ultimates and Probability-Weighted Projected Return on Investment,
  7. effectively positioning your offering against alternative asset classes when pitching to prospective equity investors;
  8. Profit Participation Statements (with real live examples);
  9. waterfall calculations; and
  10. putting it all together to come up with a cohesive financing plan.

If you are not familiar with any of these terms, then you need to enroll today. 

You will participate in case studies and group exercises to reinforce the topics covered. We’ll then refer you to sources of industry research data and informative articles that can help educate prospective investors about the industry.  Finally, we’ll help you identify the foreign buyers of independent feature films, the international sales agents that bring them to your project and the financial intermediaries that play a key role in monetizing pre-sale commitments and transferable tax credits.

All of the information from the workshop will be documented in a free workbook that you can take with you and use for future reference.  This workshop is a must for independent filmmakers (producers and directors), investors, attorneys, CPA’s, managers, agents and anyone that wants to raise their film finance IQ.  We have a number of dates available in April and May. 

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Instructor Bio

Rodney Parnther is a New York City-based CPA, corporate executive and a long-time creative contributor to and investor in the motion picture arts. Over the years, he has developed a well-deserved reputation for sponsoring and helping to nurture young filmmaking talent.

Rodney spent 5 years in the media and entertainment practice of a Big 4 CPA firm and over 10 years as a finance executive at a Fortune 100 media company.  During this time, he oversaw the distribution of several films under distribution deals with Warner Bros. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer that have grossed over $150 million in total revenues to date and was involved in the successful raising of over $20 billion in debt and equity financing.

Rodney was involved in the production of STRAIGHT OUT OF BROOKLYN (1991 Sundance Special Jury Award) and, more recently, THE TESTED.  He has executive produced and financed twenty short films and, as a co-founder of Clarendon Entertainment, oversees their distribution to multiple points on television (HBO, Showtime, MTV Networks, BET) and in the online arena.


Workshop Details

Saturday May 1, 2010
Saturday May 8, 2010
Saturday May 15, 2010

12 noon – 5 pm

University Settlement – Houston Street Center
(Click for directions to the Houston Street Center)

273 Bowery
New York, NY 10002